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October 25, 2006

Virtual 1913 Armory Show

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Program, 1913 Armory ShowThe always helpful website of the American Studies program at University of Virginia has created this virtual walk-through of the 1913 International Exhibition of Modern Art, otherwise known as the Armory Show. You can tour the galleries as they were arranged and get some context for where Duchamp’s Nude No. 2 stood among the rest of the art of the exhibit.

“Though by no means complete, the tour of the Armory Show aims to present a skeleton map of the exhibition as it looked in 1913, with the 69th Regiment Armory divided into 18 individual galleries. Also included is commentary on each area of the exhibition, providing some understanding of how audiences came to see the works at the Armory. The second aspect of the project is an investigation of several widespread contentions held by Armory Show critics. The impact of these assertions on analyses of early 20th-century cultural production in America will be explored as well. These essays are an attempt to detail some of the Show’s impact while offering alternatives to critical accounts of the past.”

1913 Armory Show – Virtual Tour @ University of Virginia


September 13, 2006


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My gal Meghan (a PhD student at University of Washington in Seattle) is working on her dissertation and has created a very interesting website for her research project.wayfinder310.jpg

It’s called Wayfinder and it’s a web-based tool to help people explore online archives. This specific site is linked to an archive of political campaign websites, but the future applications of this tool are limitless, especially to art museum collections and other archives of visual material.

She’s hoping that anyone interested will go to the site, create an account, and investigate!

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