Notes on the Indefinable

September 20, 2006

Right Between The Eyes

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Eddie Adams Photo(copy) with Grafitti. Under Clinton Ave. Bridge, Rochester, NY. September 17, 2006.

David Levi-Strauss’ presentation at George Eastman House this past Friday was unforgettable. After showing an intense documentary (Looking for an Icon) exploring the quandries of photojournalism and news images as cultural icons (including the one seen above), Levi-Strauss’ took our questions and spoke candidly on topics ranging from the ethical struggles of documentary photography to the future of images effects on society. I would *highly recommend* (demand?) that anyone who missed it either find a copy of this film, or check out his book Between the Eyes (available in the Research Center). The book is extremely well-written and full of compelling arguments on the thorny issues related to representing other people with images.


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